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September 2012

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Sociable Contract
Michael Bettencourt
Scene4 Magazine: Michael Bettencourt |
 Everything I do, and
 everything everybody does,
 has a consequence, either
 helpful or harmful, for
 someone else.

 Lingua Thai
 Arthur Meiselman
Scene4 Magazine: Arthur Meiselman |
For a time in the last century European languages dominated international communication. Speak them not, and you were considered 'second class'.

Lies and Damn Lies
Nathan Thomas

Scene4 Magazine: Nathan Thomas | My summer has been typified by a night in which my beautiful daughter was visited by the Dark Angel of the Projectile Vomit that made Sir Ian Holmes' explosive scene in Alien look mild by comparison

The Ignorant Traveler
Les Marcott

Scene4 Magazine: Les Marcott | www.scene4.comIt all started with a bit of small talk at a local shoe store.  A man and wife browsing for deck shoes noted that he once had a pair of boots made while on vacation in Mexico.


Damn You, Meryl Streep
Claudine Jones

Scene4 Magazine: Claudine Jones | Being white in the sixties was a problem: all my heroes were people of color: Gandhi, Joan Baez, Harry Belafonte—of course I loved Pete Seeger, too;  yet...

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Scene4 Magazine: "Coriolanus" reviewed by Miles David Moore September 2012

FILM (reviews)
To Rome With Love

Filled with political double-dealing and bloody battles—including hand-to-hand combat between Coriolanus and his sworn enemy Aufidius, Coriolanus is a natural choice among Shakespeare's plays for updating to our current war-torn times.
Miles David Moore

Scene4 Magazine: Oregon Shakespeare Festival's "All The Way" - reviewed by Catherine Conway Honig | September 2012 |

Rampant Paranoia
All The Way and Party People

Two new plays in the Oregon Shakespeare
Festival's American Revolutions series.
Is it the 1960's or is it today?

Catherine Conway Honig

Scene4 Magazine: "The Colorful Art Garden of Nitaya Tamwong" | Janine Yasovant | September 2012 | www.scene4 .com

The Colorful Art Garden of
Nitaya Tamwong

She combines simplicity and a truth of life from the real world and depicts this in her colorful paintings of flowers. The varieties of colors for flowers are important components which provide timeless beauty.
Janine Yasovant
คลิกเพื่ออ่านบทความนี้ เป็นภาษาไทย

Cui Bono?

It is not most theatre makers' intention to bring about social change and with very few exceptions, making theatre is not an act of heroism; neither does it have a great deal to do with community or even connection.
John Freeman

The 'Sweathog' and
The Muse

 Recently, at dinner, a prize-winning poet whined about a rejection she'd received from a literary journal.  "They rejected me without even a personal note," groused this distinguished bard.
Kathi Wolfe

My Old Man!
Carry On Nurse!

An ongoing series by
Scene4's resident mad cartoonist

Elliot Feldman

Scene4 Magazine: Cui Bono? | John Freeman | September 2012 | Scene4 Magazine - Karren Alenier - The Steiny Road To Operadom |
Scene4 Magazine: Kathi Wolfe - Life Among The Heffalumps | Scene4 Magazine - Images of Joe | Griselda Steiner | September 2012 |
Scene4 Magazine: Comics - "My Old Man - Carry On Nurse" | Elliot Feldman | September 2012 | Scene4 Magazine - "Gertrude Stein in the Movies" | Renate Stendhal | September 2012 |

On Stein, the Beach, and Stupidity
Can anyone or anything convince the Steiny Poet that Gertrude Stein's Stanzas in Meditation not only can be read with understanding but also enjoyed?
Karren Alenier

Images of Joe

Lying on Joe's waterbed, the large tan curtains shaded the first rays of light.  On Joe's dresser were a mirror, brush, some dusty papers and a small photograph in a glass case.
Griselda Steiner

Gertrude Stein in the Movies

How right or how wrong does it get when Gertrude Stein appears in the movies? Summer is a good time to have a second look.
Renate Stendhal


Scene4 Magazine — inSight - Views and Perspective on the Arts
Scene4 Magazine: Perspectives-Images | Heading Toward Abstraction - The Photography of Jon Rendell | September 2012 | Scene4 Magazine: Perspectives-Images | Heading Toward Abstraction - The Photography of Jon Rendell | September 2012 | Scene4 Magazine: Perspectives-Images | Heading Toward Abstraction - The Photography of Jon Rendell | September 2012 |

Heading Toward Abstraction
The Photography of Jon Rendell

Scene4 Magazine: Perspectives-glyphs | No Touch No Exist - SS. Burrus | September 2012 |

No Touch No Exist
The Art of SS. Burrus

Dialogues - Video

Scene4 Magazine: Perspectives - Dialogue | Undress Me | Michael Bettencourt | September  2012 | www.scene4.comUndress Me  Michael Bettencourt
In a bar, Laura turns to Stefan and asks him to undress her by word of mouth, in his best mother tongue.

Scene4 Magazine: Perspectives - Dialogue | The Greed Gene | Michael Bettencourt | September  2012 | www.scene4.comThe Greed Gene  Michael Bettencourt
A young couple is told by their genetic counselor — the "genie of genes" — that their child has the greed gene, and there is nothing they can do to stop the expression of the gene. What are they going to do?


Sing Freebird  Les Marcott
When you're young and your entire life is in front of you, you can afford to write bad scripts with bad dialogue, bad plots with bad characters that no one will give a damn about. .

The Rabbit Lesson  Christopher Kent
My dad gets up in front of the class, a thick waft of mouthwash on his breath and he says: "The last thing you learn before they send you to Vietnam is the rabbit lesson."
He looked cool as shit, you know.

Notes In A Bottle

Dear hello, I hope you read this before...  Arthur Meiselman
Found on April 25, 2012 off Pt. Reyes, California caught in a Japanese fishing net

My name is Jip and I'm a monkey...  Iri Kopal
Found on November 22, 2011 on a beach at Dutch Harbor, Alaska after an unusually high tide


Turnings  Elizabeth Appell
By the time I pulled up to my cabin, my legs barely held. Inside, I fell into the old, threadbare couch, and that gut-gaping hole of sadness spread so wide, it felt like the whole damn artic wind howled through.

The Night Was Full Of Rainbows  Kenneth Sibbett
Hell, this ain't no Bible, so don't go a'worshiping it or anything. It's just my account of what happened on the last night on the last day on earth.


Poems  Heather Arneson
Love is a ship taken by storm
And its remains visit us as if we were islands

Three Poems  Judith Offer
Crab Of The Poet Persuasion
Give Me Words
It Takes A Village To Raise A Pome


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In This Issue

Nothing Personal

Charles, an adjunct art history professor, has driven to upstate NY to meet the chair of the Art department he works for. He teaches online so he's never met her. A recent paperwork "mix-up" almost cost him his health insurance. When he comes face-to-face with Nancy, he realizes that she is setting him up so she can hand his online teaching job to her pregnant daughter-in-law. But Charles is not going to go quietly into the digital night in this tale of social Darwinism set in world of corporatized higher education.

Thomas Kee
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The Lonesome Death of Janis Joplin

Locked in her hotel room, convinced she is washed up and unwilling to sing before her huge auditorium of screaming fans, Janis Joplin tries and fails to raise her manager on the phone. She calls room service for sedatives but none come. Finally she addresses the mirror, which, to her horror, talks back. The SINGER in the mirror is an old, tough blues woman who may or may not be Bessie Smith, but makes it clear in no uncertain terms that she has no patience with the whining little girl routine.

Atar Hadari
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Scene4 Magazine: "Z" revisited | Griselda Steiner | April 2009 |
Scene4 Magazine:Peter Grimes at the WNO | Karren Alenier | May 2009 |

"Z" Revisited
Celebrating the 40th anniversary of his political thriller "Z", Greek filmmaker Costa came to NY to promote its screening.
Griselda Steiner
April 2009

Peter Grimes at the WNO
Peter Grimes, the 1945 darkly themed opera by Benjamin Britten with a libretto by Montagu Slater, had its Washington National Opera company premiere.
Karren Alenier
May 2009

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