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The Mystery of Thai Copyright Law

I'm not a lawyer, not even an expert in the area of mystery and detective novel literature, though I am fond of A. Christie's remarkable writing and her unique characters such as Miss Marple and Hercule Poirot. I too wonder what she might make out of this case of the missing copyright enforcement and wonder what Thai readers themselves, not to mention a few concerned authors from their motherland, might think of this "mystery". It seems more unravelled though, from Ms. Yasovant's account, than concealed. At least it would appear, beyond the confines of the judicial system, to be so. Or is this yet another case to be solved?

Shane McElroy

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China - Montage of the Future

Really enjoyed this interesting and informative article. Living away from the current of present day Asia - particularly China, in this case - is a considerable handicap in the appreciation of the development of art in this technology-driven era. This article does offer some assistance to that lacking on my part. Thank you Janine!

Shane McElroy

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Chocolate with Jeeja

Jeeja is exciting and beautiful. Hollywood better pick her up soon. Thanks for the great story about her and showing her to the world.
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Thai Treasures

Ms Yasovant's excellent profile of this ancient wonder tells us that the long and rich history of Thailand will carry its culture through the self-destructive turmoil that has plagued it in recent years. Art like this survives as petty politicians and their greed turn to dust. There's a lesson in this treasure for people everywhere.

Deborah Coursten

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Dreamy Artwork

Visiting an Artist's Life - Khun Visoot's work is ethereal and seems to be in harmony with his surroundings. Nice writing.

Thom Lukas

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Thai food

Very interesting article, loved the recipes!

Ellen Milton

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The Arts of Thailand

As a long-time subscriber to this magazine and a former resident of Thailand, it's been a joy to see the coverage you give to this marvelous and unique culture. The arts have been a river flowing through Thai history and defining the unique Thai lifestyle and view of life. I only wish you could expand your coverage to include much more of what Thai arts create and offer. That said, I can only commend with great praise the work of Ms Yasovant to bring Thai arts to your readers. Kop kun kap and thank you.

Stuart Medlin

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The Top Prize at Cannes

Sharing the writer's thrill over the first Thai film to win at Cannes. It must be a welcome thrill for everbody back home after all the recent strife. Can't wait to see it.

Aaron Klein

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Salads and Kings

Besides the "yummy" factor, this is a great example of what happens when a government invests in its people. Despite all the trouble in Thailand lately the country is still lucky to have such a smart and caring King.

Kathy Berge (UK)

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น่าสนใจดี อ่านวิธีทำ งงเล็กน้อย

ธัญยธรณ์ พิงคะสัน

อ่านบทความของ จานีน ยโสวันต์


ขอบคุณที่สนใจแกงฮังเลค่ะ ลองทำดูแล้วหรือคะ คุณคงจะงงในรูปมีถั่วลิสงคั่ว แต่คนทำไม่ได้ใช้ เป็นสูตรของจังหวัดลำพูนค่ะ ส่วนตัวดิัฉันอยู่เชียงใหม่ ใช้ค่ะ สงสัยอะไรก็ถามมาได้ค่ะ ขอให้สนุกกับการทำแกงฮังเลนะคะ .. จานีน

Janine Yasovant

Supawat Thonglamul

I have one of his paintings from a few years ago. It's enchanted you know, it keeps changing every time you look at it. Good writeup about him.

Toma Sendgrue

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Supawat Thonglamul

Many thanks for your display of Supawat. His paintings are beautiful and I long to buy one soon.


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Thai Arts - Pitchit Paidan

Amidst all the trouble and problems now in Thailand, it is so uplifting to read about and see the beautiful art of Pitchit Paidan. His painting is a wind of tribute to the culture of my country and reveals so much hope for the future. Thank you to Janine Yasovant and Scene4 for the wonderful article and display.

Saa Phungdorkmai

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Janine Yasovant

I must say the article very nicely written and crafted. The small details from the artist's work and how they beautifully relate. Also the little background about the places is very professionally handled.

Imran Muhammad

Janine Yasovant's article: Srisilp Emcharoen

Pratuang Emjaroen

I like this article a lot. Pratuang Emjaroen is a Thailand treasure, truly. He is a great painter and a man of good humour. I love the interview with him. Thank you so much.

Timo Sunchai

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