by Arthur Meiselman

The first in a trilogy entitled, Night Rituals, Maharanda is a  montage that travels backwards and forwards through time with three performers portraying the main character simultaneously. Talos presents a journey... a voyage... a movable feast that combines strong acting, brilliant design, and the strident use of both music and lighting as primary characters on stage. The production is a core example of Talos' developmental work in merged-media performance.

In 1921, archaeologist Cyrus
Atherton discovered a scroll on
the island of Malta reputed to be
a relic from the last days of the
fabled city of Atlantis. It contained
a prophecy... at the stroke of
midnight of the new millenium,
2001, a new "first" human would
emerge. Not yet female or male
but still a fully sensual and sexual
being, the "innocent" would
search for its creator and thereby
reveal to the world the next stage
of evolution... maharanda.

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