Tango deSade

by Arthur Meiselman

Resurrection, redemption, the second-coming, the return of the holiest man. Part II of the trilogy - Night Rituals - Tango deSade continues the journey from Maharanda to the last day of human life on Earth as we know it. Judgment Day... when only one man can embrace the sum-total of human fear and hypocrisy, the love and joy of life and it's death-end... Donatien Alphonse Fran├žois de Sade... the beloved Marquis, the androgynous savior, the Messiah! Talos presents a song, a dance, a raging comedy... not quite a musical, not quite a play... an outrageous "glam" theatre piece with real actors portraying real characters surrounded by, worshipped by, disgusted by an audience of not quite real people.

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