february 2006


ars amandi

Erotica Of Cinema
The line between erotica
and pornography is
often blurred.

Andrea Kapsaski


Bad Table Manners
 My poking up her skirts just enough to stroke along her thighs was met with welcome
 Renate Stendhal


What The Body Means
O Que O Corpo Significa

Art must bring the expression of a feeling by provoking
all senses at once
Andréa Carvalho

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Tao Sita
 before the first touch
 is the first touch
Martin Challis


Sex On The Steiny Road
A la Gertrude Stein
Karren Alenier


Madelin de Rumba
about a Woman
and her
Arthur Meiselman

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  On The
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Scene4 Magazine - The Art of Sex
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The sex drive for pleasure is at the beginning and end of all life and it was apparent that he who harnessed the sex drive,
harnessed enormous power.


What Nice Girls Draw
Marit Victoria explores
the meaning and the seriousness of sex
Ren Powell


Lust In The Arts
Artists pushing against the
line of good taste as they explore sexuality
Karren Alenier

ars brasil

Bad Girls
An Interview with
Miss Zaza
Claudine Jones


Sex On The Stage
Thoughts On
Stage Sex
Michael Bettencourt


Sex In The Cave
To write about sex in the United States is to engage in something disturbing
Nathan Thomas


Loving, Laid and Fucking about Times In
The Garden Of Eden
Iri Kopal

february 2006
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