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September 2011

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Michael Bettencourt
Principles of Writing Plays
The play, the thing on the page, is not, for me at least, only about my "message" — as Sam Goldwyn allegedly said, "If you want to send a message, use Western Union." It's also about giving actors something interesting to do while on the stage — to provoke them to move and speak in ways that prompt discovery and trigger surprise.

Arthur Meiselman
Orson Welles
Seventy years ago, Orson Welles created "Citizen Kane" and it remains the zenith, the apex of filmmaking. It completed the migration of theatre into cinema. No film before or since defined the nucleus of cinema, the art form of the 20th century, as this seminal 1941 masterpiece did.

 Nathan Thomas
Pure Imagination

 People can talk the game about creativity all day long.  But being actually inventive, to actually think something new is hugely difficult. I had a teacher many years ago who confessed that he never had a new idea in his life. All he thought about, he confessed, was a re-ordering of ideas he'd gotten from other people.

Les Marcott
Balazs Szabo

It only seems fitting that a young artist steeped in communist ideology would someday find his freedom in America and paint the portrait of one of Capitalism's ultimate successes – Ray Kroc, he of  McDonalds fame. That was at the age of 23 back in 1966.  Since then Hungarian born Balazs Szabo has lived an extraordinary life whose long career continues to flourish.

Claudine Jones
Zero sum

Saw Anna Deavere Smith's show:
those choreographed interviews absorbed as song
strongly figured grace


Scene4 Magazine — reView - review film, theatre, dance, music and other arts
Scene4 Magazine: "Page One", "Tabloid" reviewed by Miles David Moore September 2011

FILM (reviews)
Page One, Tabloid
It's perilously easy to lose your way ethically in the news business, as the recent scandal involving Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation proved beyond doubt.
Miles David Moore

Scene4 Magazine: New Operas for 2011-2012  reviewed by Karren Alenier September 2011

New Operas for 2011-2012
Given the state of the American economy and wealth moving more heavily to those who always had money, there is no surprise that opera companies like New York City Opera are drastically scaling back.
Karren Alenier

Scene4 Magazine: The Jazz Baroness Lives reviewed by Catherine Conway Honig September 2011

The Jazz Baroness Lives
"I have known four great men in my life…Professor Einstein, Charlie Parker, General de Gaulle, and Thelonious Monk…on second thought you can leave out the first three!"
Catherine Conway Honig

Scene4 Magazine - The 2011 Europe Theatre Prize Festival in St. Petersburg | Lissa Tyler Renaud  September 2011

Goethe's Fugue:

The 2011 Europe Theatre Prize Festival
in St. Petersburg

Lissa Tyler Renaud

From Satie to Me
 Lest, Dear Reader, you are now allowing your eyes to glaze with misapprehension, the Steiny Road Poet will provide another Cubist cut on this kind of music created by calculated chance.
Karren Alenier

Chomping at the Carnival House Door: Fetisizing Freaks, Lusting For  "Monsters"
If we're politically correct literati, politicians or dutiful adult children sitting with our moms at breakfast, we won't say this out loud.  But in our heart of hearts, we know it's true: nothing turns us on, yet repels us as much as freaks or horrifies, yet titillates us as much as monsters.
Kathi Wolfe

Götterdämmerung for American Poetry?

Philip Levine's appointment as Poet Laureate of the United States reminds us that American poetry's future has never been more tenuous. He is, after all, 83 years old. Indeed, most of the living American poets who have achieved wide readership are now senior citizens.
David Alpaugh

Scene4 Magazine — inSight - Views and Perspective on the Arts
Scene4 Magazine - Karren Alenier - The Steiny Road To Operadom -
Scene4 Magazine: Lia Beachy - La Femme La Mujer La Donna
Scene4 Magazine: Kathi Wolfe - Life Among The Heffalumps
Scene4 Magazine: Comics - "My Old Man - Whatever Happened to Sid?" Elliot Feldman September 2011
Scene4 Magazine: "Götterdämmerung for American Poetry?" | David Alpaugh September 2011

The Magic Hour
Near the end of the Slyvain Chomet's lush animated feature L'Illusionniste, the main protagonist, Tatischeff, leaves a note for his young ward, Alice, that simply states, "Magicians do not exist."
Lia Beachy


My Old Man!
Whatever Happened to Sid?
An ongoing series by Scene4's resident mad cartoonist
Elliot Feldman

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Karren Alenier
The Dresser addresses what's underneath the art. 

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Miles David Moore
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Arthur Meiselman
Sights and musings of a time traveler

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Que Pasa
Notices, announcements and coming attractions

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Les Marcott
A Travelling Minstrel Show with Music and More


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Martin Burke

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