April 2023


Visual Poems

The last of the last.
 But wait...
there's something new coming.

David Alpaugh


The Exigencies and Ecstasies of Attending a Distant Book Fair Convention
Why would the Steiny Road Poet go to the AWP Seattle Book Fair in 2023?
Karren Alenier

A Life in the Key of Moe's
Ubu, Moe, Moe's Books, Berkeley
It would be hard to write about Moe without being tempted to call him "legendary" and "larger-than-life."
Lissa Tyler Renaud

Sukit Sukrakarn
สุกิจ ศุกระกาญจน์
Create an equation of goodness and create works that are unique for society.
Janine Yasovant

Kandinsky Anew | Lissa Tyler Renaud | Scene4 Magazine | www.scene4.com

For the 4th Anniversary of "Kandinsky Anew":
Re-introducing the Introduction

In April of 2019, I wrote my first piece for this series.
This is the 49th entry.

Lissa Tyler Renaud

Early Days in the Vortex/ Part Two
 In five thousand or so years, some avian monk may compile a catalogue of
 all of the obscure writers of our era.

Brian George



April 2023

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