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This I Believe

Edward R. Murrow  Scene4 Magazine

A look at the legacy
of belief systems
and the power
of creativity
by Nathan Thomas

Richard Dreyfuss  Scene4 Magazine

Richard Dreyfuss travels from Hollywood to "Docuwood" to save Democracy
by Arthur Kanegis


Scene4  Nathan Thomas, Michael Bettencourt, Danin Adler, Claudine Jones, Ned Bobkoff, Martin Challis, Andrea Kapsaski, Andréa Carvalho

Nathan Thomas
This month's
 commentary is in Focus

Michael Bettencourt
Playwrights Forum

Four years ago, I spent a wonderful weekend in
 Memphis, Tennessee, with Playwrights' Forum

Arthur Meiselman
Mis En Scène
I don't celebrate most holidays. I create my own
 Call me misguided, call me a misanthrope, I call me… mis en scène

Claudine Jones

The summer I was 7, I wanted (or more accurately
my mother wanted me to want) to go to summer school


Ned Bobkoff
Squeeze Box

It's what keeps the theatre alive.
No one can fault them on that

Andrea Kapsaski
Having a father who was a film director involved the wonderful fact of seeing and talking about Cinema

Martin Challis
Winter Solstice Down Under

To contemplate an ocean and all its forms can be for me a contemplation of the soul.

Andréa Carvalho
The Art of Being Strong
Theatre is an art of actors, everything surrounds them. Clear the stage, stand an actor on it, and there will be theatre

A arte de ser forte
O teatro é uma arte de atores. Tudo está ao redor deles. Limpe um palco e deixe um ator, que a alma do teatro estará lá, e viva.



The Definition
of Ballerina:

Part Two

Lorena Feijoo  Scene4 Magazine


of the

Onegin SF Ballet  Scene4 Magazine
The Sea Inside  Scene4 Magazine

The Sea Inside
(Mar Adentro)

on Film


A Taste of Cherry   Scene4 Magazine

A Taste of Cherry
(Ta'am e guilass)

Akia Squitieri on Theatre in New York

The Striking Viking Story Pirates

Karren Alenier and Gertrude Stein

Bumper Cars
The Steiny Road to
Operadom with

Karren Alenie

A travelogue of the new opera
Gertrude Stein Invents A Jump Early On

This Month's installment
itters. As the clock ticks its way closer to the opening night of Encompass New Opera Theatre's world premiere of Gertrude Stein Invents A Jump Early On   22.

 Thai Creations with

Studio Neanna Thai Textiles  Scene4 Magazine

In English and Thai


SMBS MBA Programme  Scene4 Magazine

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Books, Plays, Screenplays, Poetry
Unusual Works from Unusual Writers

This Month's Featured Author
Gito Minore

Ceilings/Cielorassos Gito Minore Aviarpress

An intense and often disturbing work,  Ceilings describes the captivity of one man inside his own skin. Gito Minore portrays the hunger, the pain, the loneliness and the desperation that drive his deepest feelings.
Presented as a bilingual edition in English and Spanish.

Un intenso y perturbador trabajo, Cielorrasos describe el cautiverio de un hombre dentro de su propia piel. Gito Minore retrata el hambre, el dolor, la soledad y la desesperación a la que conducen sus sentimientos más profundos. Presentado como edición bilingue, en inglés y español.

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CommuniCase  Scene4 Magazine

Innovative Designs for Media

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Obagi and Susan Perry Scene4 Magazine

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Plays & Scripts

This Issue
A play from Kampala (Uganda)
by Kaya Kagimu Mukasa and Raymond Byabazaire

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