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Out of Season

Patrick Walsh-Scene4 Magazine

Patrick Walsh

For a while I was secure, firmly fixed in the strength of summer:

On the beach I’d contemplate blue; in the mountains I had

Green to think about.  But let’s face it: summer’s through,

That beauty queen’s been done.  And though it’s early August

It’s August no less.  A fat sun treading water, the palpable haze –

Those bell-bottoms are on their way out, another fad put to rout.


I see everything going the way of all things.  The waxy leaves

Drooping like the Red Sox in the Series – poor trees,

Well it’s obvious they’re in need of a drink.  Which reminds me –

How will I deceive myself, keep my spirits afloat?  I know;

I’ll throw my weight behind fall, endorse its mellow colors,

Get me a pair of tree-trunk slacks and a pumpkin-orange sweater.


The frenzy will move indoors: a girl in a tight black turtleneck

Framed by the window, an elm’s gaunt hands frozen behind her.

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Patrick Walsh is a writer and poet.
He writes a monthly column and is a Senior Writer for Scene4.
For more of his columns and other writings, check the Archives.

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